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Daniel J. Summers
8cb58cc2d3 View full request works
- moved setup stuff out of the `data` function and into the `created`
- standardized Vue component coding styles
- reworded transition text on log on and journal loading templates
2017-09-23 10:53:40 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
617ac31161 Removed unneeded files; updated README 2017-09-22 23:51:14 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
396e53b1a6 Editing request works
A "mark prayed" update uses the same fields, so we only have one "update
request" action now
2017-09-22 23:30:23 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
181dc5ea63 "Mark Prayed" works 2017-09-22 22:30:00 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
c703d717d8 Wrote API calls for history updates
Also switched app pkg mgt to yarn
2017-09-22 19:27:23 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
a6b5149b34 Adding request now totally works
- added progress bar, integrated with journal loading
- updated Vue app dependencies
2017-09-21 21:31:59 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
f5a14fb66e Merge pull request #1 from danieljsummers/node-api-attempt
Node API attempt was successful
2017-09-21 18:47:58 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
015645aa86 Adding request works (mostly)
Everything works except adding the new request back to the list; this
proof of concept is a go, and will be merged to master
2017-09-21 18:45:06 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
794a365f08 Many changes
- Express -> Koa
- Babel for transforming 'import' into 'require'
- SQL done for adding request; just need to get the app to call it
2017-09-19 22:20:17 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
270ac45e8c Create tables/indexes on startup
Ready to create a request
2017-09-16 13:16:02 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
fc02112295 Looks promising
The proof of concept has been proven
2017-09-15 22:38:45 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
a10e4ded48 Suave serves Vue files
- Only send the 404 for /api routes; otherwise, serve files from
wwwroot, and send index.html if the path doesn't exist, so Vue can
handle it
- Minor build file tweaks
2017-09-14 07:01:28 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
2ed01b8d5d Updated dependencies
New Vue files and upgraded API project to .NET Core 2
2017-09-10 22:33:43 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
262920744a updated README
added link to future project home
2017-08-10 18:43:40 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
15947abcbf Proof of concept on API calls...
...remains unproven.
2017-08-06 23:17:08 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
5a7a74c167 mostly housekeeping
- App - some package clean-up
- API - removed commented code that is not needed, postured for JSON
- Build - modified the scripts to build Vue into API's wwwroot folder,
which will get copied on publish; adjusted FAKE task dependencies to be
more granular
2017-08-06 15:42:09 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
196db30cc5 +Vuex +ElementUI +Pug
- Log on now works, storing user profile in vuex state
- Templates in Pug = awesome
2017-08-05 22:48:09 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
338f11d1ab Vue it is
I know, the 18th front-end change; I have a feeling there won't be a
2017-07-29 16:28:27 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
632f06ac5f removed files
attempting commit with fewer files; these are the ones removed
2017-07-29 16:27:48 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
03fd1d0a18 test commit 2017-07-29 16:26:00 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
0ce5824c55 Another attempt at Auth0 Lock w/ Aurelia 2017-06-01 21:31:25 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
55cf47af18 -Paket -TutorialFiles
Removed Paket files (could not get reliable builds; we may revisit once
.NET core has stablizied); removed extraneous tutorial files; currently
blocked getting Auth0 Lock to load from within Aurelia app
2017-05-31 22:22:08 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
b0b20df36d +Aurelia +Paket +FAKE
Interim commit; there may still be leftover files from the Aurelia
2017-05-20 09:45:48 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
e522ab1ae1 Moved Suave app to /api directory 2017-05-04 21:45:30 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
d5635ef37c Added request list by user
Input for what will be the main journal view
2017-04-30 21:16:45 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
c98c7bd5bf Sign in works and redirects!
Sign in now goes from Auth0, back to the app, which gets the user ID
from the response and redirects to the journal page.  Woot!
2017-04-24 20:49:28 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
d34302aa52 -elm +suave -rethink +ef-core -.json +fsproj +auth0
- Decided to go with straight Suave "Experimental" views (for now)
- Created EF Core entity model (our data is pretty structured, and
PostgreSQL (target DB) supports max-length strings)
- Added Auth0 lock
- Converted to 1.0 tooling
2017-04-21 07:49:46 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
da6910e055 Brought in data model / dependencies
A combination of the previous effort plus a few things swiped from
2016-12-12 22:29:05 -06:00
Daniel J. Summers
864777a831 Page titles working but not quite right
The on page title is correct; the title bar lags one click behind.
2016-12-11 22:29:16 -06:00
Daniel J. Summers
1e8b34e548 Removed compiled app from source control 2016-12-11 19:42:20 -06:00
Daniel J. Summers
bde45c8554 Switched to Elm / Suave
It's like F# on the client side - sweet!
2016-12-11 19:39:06 -06:00
Daniel J. Summers
d3a80b9ceb Authentication, take 2; take 3 forthcoming...
*cue sad trombone*
2016-10-07 22:07:46 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
c0237e1433 Authentication / Authorization
Who are you, anyway?
2016-09-27 22:19:43 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
5235e5a5db Moved to ASP.NET Core MVC
Thanks to an outstanding presentation from Enrico Sada, I was inspired
to use ASP.NET Core MVC for this F# project
2016-09-26 21:19:04 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
1251c28a89 More plumbing
App now starts with a very basic layout
2016-09-23 22:06:14 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
6bd90c854d Data environment
Created infrastructure for data environment and security configuration
2016-09-22 21:43:39 -05:00
Daniel J. Summers
5c1287d8a8 Initial commit 2016-09-22 07:15:50 -05:00